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Nov 3, 2015

We’re a Pretty Good Team When It Comes to Horse Grooming

I know when thinking about a pet’s needs that this often gets overlooked, but it’s just as important as any other care. Grooming your pet is a necessity. I own a couple of horses, and I make sure they have the best grooming services around. A professional groomer helps me out, but I brush their manes often, myself.

One of my horses has to be groomed more often than the other, though. It’s because his hair is much longer and shaggier. I always make sure to spend a lot of time brushing his mane and tail, and the professional groomer finishes the rest. I think we’re a pretty good team when it comes to horse grooming.

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Jul 2, 2015

Buying New Roma Saddle Pads for My Horses

When I was recently riding one of my horses, I realized that my horse’s saddle pad had begun to become really worn down. This pad didn’t seem to have the same amount of padding as it had before when I hadn’t used it for so long. I knew that since it was getting worn out, it was time to buy new saddle pads that would offer more cushion.

After looking online at several different saddle pad options, I was able to more easily decide on the right kind of saddle pads for me to use. I ended up buying two Roma saddle pads so that I would have a new one for each horse. This meant that I would be able to provide both of them with the comfort that they deserved while being ridden.

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Jun 16, 2015

New Horse Tack for a New Horse

When I got my second horse, I didn’t initially realize that I wouldn’t be able to use the tack that I had for my first horse on this horse. I knew that the horses were different sizes, but assumed that many of the things could be used by both. I turned out to be wrong and had to make sure that I was able to get some new items for my new horse.

I was able to buy a lot of the tack that I needed from friends at the stable where I board both of my horses. I bought some other pieces of horse tack online after doing a lot of research on which items would be the best ones for me to have. Now that I have all of this new tack I am going to be able to start working with my horse again.

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May 19, 2015

Nylon Horse Leads Make it Easy to Take My Horse Where I Need Her to Go

If I am not going to be riding my horse, but still need to have some way of confining her so that I can do something like groom her or get her to go into a trailer, then I will put a halter on her. Since my horse is well behaved she is usually good about following me into places that she needs to go into. I just have to have a lead attached to her halter to convince her to follow.

I have always had several horse leads at one time because I find that it is surprisingly easy to misplace them in the tack room. I have several nylon horse leads which are very strong and perfect for attaching to my horse’s halter. I can lead my horse anywhere as long as I have a lead like this attached to her halter.

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Jan 27, 2015

The Purpose of Western Saddles in Horse Riding

Anyone who has ridden a horse usually knows that there are two different types of riding: western and English. These different types of riding affect not only the way that a horse is ridden but the tack that you even put on a horse to ride them. To ride English style you have a completely different saddle than the one that you would use to ride western style.

The reason these saddles are different is because they were built for such different purposes. Western saddles are built to spread the weight of the rider out so that a horse can spend much longer days with a rider on its back. This saddle is bigger and heavier than an English saddle, but makes riding a horse a more comfortable and easier for a beginner.

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Nov 21, 2014

Using Hoof Picks to Clean My Horse’s Feet After a Muddy Trail Ride

During this time of the year there is mud on all of the trails that I ride with my horse. This isn’t really a problem for my horse when we are out riding, but it can cause her hooves to get really caked with mud. I am finding that I really need to make sure to keep her hooves clean so that she doesn’t have all of this mud stuck inside of her hoof and all around the her shoes.

Whenever I get back from a trail ride, I make sure to clean her hooves really well. I get out a selection of hoof picks and a wire brush to make it so that I can more easily clean the mud out of her hooves. I have no problem getting her to stand still while I do this because she is completely used to me doing it. She seems to enjoy getting her hooves cleaned regularly.

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Oct 30, 2014

Saddle Blankets Keep Saddles from Rubbing on a Horse’s Back

If you are going to ride a horse, it is important to have everything that you need to get a horse ready for a ride. Before you go out on a ride with a horse, it is a good idea to brush the area where the saddle will sit on a horse’s back because this gets rid of anything that might hurt the horse while you’re riding. It is also a good way to bond with a horse before a ride.

When you are ready to put a saddle on a horse, you want to make sure that there are some layers between the horse’s back and the saddle itself. Saddle blankets are perfect for going in between a saddle and the horse. This extra layer will keep the saddle from rubbing on the horse’s back and creating painful sores that might become infected later on.

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Oct 2, 2014

Horse Leads Make it Easy to Guide My Horse Out to His Field

When I first got my new horse, he was really skittish and would bolt without much notice. Now he’s been a lot better, but if he sees something that he wants to eat before he gets out to his field, he is likely to stop and be difficult to get going again. I was used to just guiding most of my horses to the field without any kind of a tether, but he wanders too much.

I have a couple of different horse leads that I use when I want to get him to go out to the field quickly. By guiding him with these leads and sometimes pulling lightly on the lead I can get his attention and keep him from getting distracted by delicious plants that might otherwise tempt him along the way. This makes it so that he can get out to the field without any detours.

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Aug 28, 2014

Using a Horse Brush to Try to Make Friends with a Horse

For as long as I can remember I have had a fear of horses. I really can’t stand horses and think that they are too big and too dangerous for me to want to be around them. I was really hopeful that I would never find a reason to need to actually be around horses much more than in passing. Unfortunately, one of my best friends loves horses and has a couple of horses of her own.

She is always trying to get me to see that the horses will be friendly to me if I am friendly to them. Last time I was over at her house, she wanted me to ride one of her horses. Instead of riding the horse, I agreed that I would use a horse brush to get the dust out of the horse’s hair instead. The horse nuzzled me when I had finished brushing her, so I guess I’m on my way to being friends with a horse.

Little children around the country have hopes and dreams of one day owning a horse. In these fantasies, horses are seen as a typical pet, like a hamster or goldfish, where you can feed and play with them a little each day and they’ll be fine. Actually owning a horse is nothing like this, of course; an equine is a continuous, substantial investment. Before you go out and purchase a horse for your little princess, here’s a quick overview of some of the major expenditures you’ll have to manage:

~The horse itself
~Horse saddle and tack